You have two primary options for your partner (in the show): a puppet or a dummy.

Yes, there is a difference.

Puppets are made from cloth, stuffed with soft cloth and sponge, and stitched together. They’re soft, cuddly creatures, that can express more expression and body language than a dummy.

Dummies are made from wood, with moving parts like the mouth, eyeballs and eyebrows.

Puppets are also less expensive than dummies. Check out the chart below to see a comparison of puppets vs. dummies.

Made of…
Ease of use
Very easy to manipulate. Even little kids have the natural skill to mimic someone talking with their hands.
Slightly harder when compared to puppets. The jaw can get heavy when performing for longer durations, and your fingers can start to tire a little.
Moving parts…
Not many
More options available (eyes, eyebrow, water-spitting, etc)
Less expensive
More expensive
Expression The flexible body and shape of mouth enables puppets to have a lot more body language, facial expression (so to speak) and appear to be more real than dummies. Dummies aren’t very flexible. Made of wood, the jaw movement, eyeball or eyebrow movement is pretty much fixed – you will only get the same movement every time. Can appear a lot less life-like and appear like the wooden dummy it really is (and hence the saying "don’t sit there like a dummy") unless you give it some skillful and continuous movement.
Sizes available in Available in a large range of sizes starting from the smallest finger-puppets to half-body or full-body puppets, to the larger-than-people, over-sized puppets. Range of sizes not too large, as the smaller ones and larger ones (if they were indeed available) would be very hard to manipulate.


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