This is not just about being famous or being funny. This is a grand testimonial of how passion, perseverance, and dedication always pays off. Oh what an inspiring, uplifting story!

Terry fator is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever seen: An amazing impressionist, great singer with perfect pitch and harmony, terrific showman, and ventriloquist extraordinaire – all rolled into one person!

Can appearing on National TV be good for your career? Of course! This guy has been performing for apparently over 20 years, is a huge name in private and corporate shows, yet not many people had heard about him until his appearance on “America’s Got Talent”.

I hope he hits big time – he simply deserves it. Only very special artists get their own category here on – Terry Fator is obviously right up on the list.

First Appearance

Round #2

Final Sixteen

Final Eight

The Finals: Terry Fator does Roy Orbison

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